About Us

Helping you approach investing with a market insight derived from 20 years of expertise             

As a leading Financial Services Executive Rani Jarkas desires to offer you the right tools in the form of vital expert advice to secure your future by helping make the right decisions today. Staying true to his core beliefs and enabling an innovative approach to investing, Rani Jarkas Cedrus Investments adopts a distinctive roadmap to investing guided by fundamental research, long-term sustainability and global perspective to build your better financial future. Having decades of international expertise, Rani Tarek Jarkas is indulged in fundamental research which helps derive an in-depth understanding of the current as well as future market scopes for investments across various sectors.              

Rani Jarkas Hong Kong Cedrus Investments financial services consistently deliver long-term profitability gains and oversee the entire aspects of your financial investments to deliver better outcomes. Rani Jarkas Financial Services help generate index-beating long-term results. Rani Jarkas has a global expertise in market analysis and in advisory and capital-management services for corporations, individuals as well as governments.          

Reimagine the power of investing and experience better Returns on Investment       

Rani Jarkas Cedrus Investments calls for a global ecosystem for investing by connecting ideas and expertise derived from a 20 years expertise in the domain. Holding B.A.s in Finance and Accounting from Georgia State University, the Cedrus Investments Financial Services Executive Rani Jarkas offers a diverse portfolio of services which include –     

  • Asset Management       
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Private Wealth Management

A wide range of customer-oriented imperatives play a key role and influence Rani Jarkas Firm actions designed to attract, manage and secure wealth. These include –    

  • Empowering clients with the right investment knowledge and informed advise      
  • A success-oriented strategy which fosters unhindered capital raising
  • An unrivalled differentiator in the form of innovative technology integration
  • An efficient model for investment management and planning
  • A long-term future ready approach to deliver maximum profitability assurance

Rani T Jarkas has held senior-level positions in key global leading companies in investment including JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and CIBC Oppenheimer. Mr. Rani Jarkas has earned a commendable repute for his excellent market knowledge and professional expertise in handling investment management for high-profile clients. Rani Jarkas Hong Kong is a regular guest at major seminars, events and conferences prominently focused on mining and life sciences sectors along with events related to China’s One Belt One Road initiative.           

A keen insight across regions and markets to enable a service with a difference     

Mr. Rani Tarek Jarkas as the Chairman Cedrus Investments has a strong personality and a highly competitive nature. With his practical approach and a compassionate service delivery, he guarantees the best financial advisory services which help private as well as institutional clients to develop their investment portfolios and secure their wealth.     

Rani Jarkas service is tailored to guarantee clients a world-class network of investment expertise focused on protecting, managing and expanding your assets. Combining state-of-the-art investment practices and enabling a technology-driven planning solution for the same, Rani T Jarkas offers an integrated analysis of the market opportunities across a plethora of sectors and helps guide you with informed decision making so as to choose wisely and for long-term profitability.          

Rani Jarkas delivers innovative solutions to foster better outcomes for investors      

A systematic integration of technical, historic and expertise driven business processes by Rani Jarkas Hong Kong enables an investment advisory and planning platform to help secure profitability prospects for clients and empower confident decision making. As an active investment advisor and expert, Rani Jarkas plays a key role in shaping the industry while providing solid and sustainable solutions which outperform the conventional methodologies and seek a competitive edge so as to drive profitable growth.      

Rani T Jarkas Financial Services Executive as the Chairman Cedrus Investments is responsible for a system of planning, investment, management and incentives aimed at client satisfaction and success!