Rani Jarkas –3 Important Questions to Ask While Taking Financial Advice

There have been a lot of discussions as what to ask before hiring a financial advisor, which are all very practical and helpful in directing you to the right service provider. But rarely talked about is the question about what to ask after selecting your financial advisor and while taking financial advice. It is also very important because it makes sure that you are receiving the most efficient information addressing your actual needs or concerns.


Here are 3 important questions you might want to ask while taking financial advice.


The first question is “why am I here”. People come to financial advisors for a lot of reasons. But the question is, do they really know what they want? For example, if one wants to save for a big house, then the expectable and steady interests and investment returns would be a practical choice. For aggressive investment which might bring ample rewards, it also stands for a higher possibility of losing money, which is apparently contradictive to the original goal. There is always a gap between what you want to achieve and what you like. Knowing why I am here is the premier question to ask while taking financial advice.


The second question is “do you know why I am here”. The question is for the financial advisory services provider, and the importance of which is obvious as it determines whether you will receive the advices that best address your demands.


The third question is “what are the potential risks”. There is almost no such financial tactic that stands for 100% success rate. It would be helpful to bear in mind that you might experience losses for apparent or unexpected reasons. The answer will also help to define your bottom line.


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