Rani Jarkas – 5 Reasons You Need a Financial Advisor

We live in an age where there is an abundance of Robo-advisors, budgeting apps, portfolio analyzers, and retirement calculators to help with our financial needs and keep us financially educated. Many are free or require only a small fee to use. So like many people, you may be wondering: is it still necessary to hire a financial advisor? Here are five reasons you need one.


  1. Eliminate the guesswork and information overload

It’s easier to find information at your fingertips today, but the sheer amount of it can be overwhelming. You might even find conflicting advice that could confuse you further and lead you to make financial decisions that don’t make sense to your needs.


Only a certified financial advisor like Rani Jarkas can filter out the information you require and provide only those relevant to your personal and financial goals. This way, you can get tailored advice and eliminate the overwhelming amount of guesswork involved in figuring things out yourself.


  1. Make informed choices

You can spend hours reading financial blogs and newspapers and still get confused when you explore the many investment options available today. To save time and effort, consider seeking a financial advisor who can recommend the best products that meet your requirements.


  1. Understand your financial health

How financially healthy are you? Only a certified financial advisor can give a helpful and precise answer based on your assets, liabilities, expenses, and income. They also consider future obligations and sources of income to identify your financial standing.


  1. Your current financial plan isn’t working out anymore

An older financial plan may have worked before, but as your needs or lifestyle change, it may become outdated and incapable of producing the same desirable results. Rani Jarkas can check if you’re on track, review your plan, and suggest the necessary changes based on your current needs.


  1. Gain a professional’s perspective

Your personal biases could affect your money management strategies. A financial advisor can provide professional insights that may help you avoid making emotional decisions or jumping on investment trends and fads that might not work for you.