Rani Jarkas – Achieving Financial Security

Financial security is a term but subjective as it relates to a person’s feeling about his/her financial situation. To put it simply, being financially secure means that you have had enough money to fund your lifestyle, as well as work toward your financial goals. When you are financially secure, your stress levels goes down, leaving you with more energy to focus on other issues.


There are essential differences between financial security and financial freedom. Financial security focuses on generating feelings of safety by paying bills on time, increasing savings, budgeting, investing, and purchasing insurance. And financial freedom refers to the power to live to one’s wishes.


To achieve financial security, one shall earn much, spend wisely and save efficiently, while having an emergency fund would also prepare you for any unexpected situations like health, home or others. And financial advisory could be of great help in this process.


A financial advisor could help you make decisions about what you should do with your money, which may include investments or other courses of action. Through the help of financial advisory services, you will be able to balance your debt and income, increase your interests and prepare you for the future. Also, financial advisory services help you to track your long-term goal to make sure that you are secure beyond present.


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