Rani Jarkas Explain Top Reasons That Prevent You from becoming Billionaire

Being a billionaire is something everyone dreams of. But here are 3 reasons why you may not want to become a billionaire. We believe everyone should build wealth in order to obtain freedom, but there are some things one should prepare for. By the end of this piece, we aim to explore the different ways an abundance of money might negatively impact your life. 

  1. It’s All Consuming

There are the new tech billionaires that have gained phenomenal wealth in only a few years. But for many billionaires, it has taken most of their lives to get to billionaire status. And none of those years have been easy. They didn’t take vacations. They were the first ones in the office and the last ones out. And they were in the office on weekends by themselves.

  1. It’s not a Straight Path to Becoming a Billionaire

You don’t just become a billionaire overnight. Remember, you have to get to $1 million first. Then to $10 million. Then $50 million, $100 million and $500 million, finally getting to $1,000,000,000. But that doesn’t happen in a straight line.

You may get to $50 million quickly. Then it could drop down to $25 million. Take Donald Trump for example. You may not agree with his politics and there’s debate about his net worth, but it’s evident that his net worth has fluctuated substantially over the years.

  1. Others Will Depend On You for Their Livelihood

This isn’t a problem exclusive to billionaires. This is a problem for anybody that owns a business, although billionaires generally have more mouths to feed. When you build a business, it’s not just your net worth at stake. Yes, the owner is most impacted, but there are employees who work there and depend on that paycheck to feed and clothe their families.

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