Rani Jarkas – What Are the Basic Things to Know before Going to the Financial Advisor

Whenever you decide to go to a financial advisor for whatever the reason is, you may want to maximize what you can get from your advisor. Here are a few basic things for you to know before the course.


First of all, you shall know what makes an excellent financial advisor. The educational background, certificates & awards, working experiences, track records all define a good financial advisor. With such knowledge in mind, you will be able to tell a superior financial advisor from an ordinary one before going to the service provider for advices.


Second, knowing why do you need a financial advisor is also important to improve the service efficiency. The service coverage of financial advisory is usually varied, ranging from investments, tax management, retirement planning to insurance, risk management. Understanding your actual needs will direct you to the right type of services that are most beneficial to you.


Third, financial advisory is not as simple as buying a finished product. It needs time before the advices turn to actual returns or desired results. In other words, the whole process is dynamic, and it also requires close monitoring to ensure the financial performance. Therefore, going to a financial advisor may turn out to be maintaining regular communication.


Cedrus Investments is a global boutique investment banking firm founded by Rani Jarkas over eighteen years ago, specializing in asset management and financial advisory services. Its clientele comprises of family offices, corporations, institutions, state-owned enterprises, high-net-worth individuals, etc.


Cedrus’commitment has always been to explore the most exciting development and investment opportunities that not only represent the state-of-the-art technologies in the fields including life sciences, innovation and high-tech but also are expected to create considerable values for investors and companies alike.