Rani Jarkas – Why Financial Planning Is Crucial in Early Life

When I say financial planning is crucial in early life, I am actually referring to a few aspects.


First, due to increasing inflation and continually changing lifestyles, it is crucial to consider financial planning at an early stage. It helps not only to better position yourself for the unknown, but also to grab the market opportunities with great potential for the future.


At the same time, having financial planning as early as possible will teach you into healthy spending habits at an early age. This is especially important in the consideration that we are living in a consumption-dominated modern world. Keeping in mind the sense of proportion and trying to save regularly will also help you avoid the debt trap.


Also, financial planning will need the support of powerful knowledge. It is true that you may seek professional help from a financial planner. But starting early will help you learn more, which will benefit your whole life.


And more importantly, a financial plan of an individual must be personalized to suit the needs of the individual at different stages of life and it is essential to have a balanced mix of instruments that addresses financial needs like protection, savings and wealth creation.


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