Stock Vs Mutual Funds – Rani Jarkas explains which is Better for Small Investors

As a small investor, you might be weighing the difference between mutual funds and stocks. Choosing between stocks vs. mutual funds depends on your investment goals. Both can be a smart addition to your portfolio, but the right choice for you depends on factors like your risk tolerance and time horizon. 

Mutual funds are an ideal investment because they offer instant diversification and carry less risk than a single stock. However, since a fund manager decides which stocks and other assets make up the fund, you have no say in what’s included. 

When quarterly revenue and profits are high and the stock price increases, stocks can provide higher-than-average returns compared to the overall market. But, even though it’s possible to see substantial returns from individual stocks, stock prices can be volatile, meaning they may rise and fall quickly. Stocks are also a more ambitious and time-intensive undertaking since you’ll have to research the stocks of individual companies yourself. 

For long-term investors looking to build wealth over time, mutual funds are a dependable investment, as they aim to reduce overall risk—an important factor in a successful retirement portfolio. They’re also well suited for beginner investors who want to reap the benefits of the stock market without any prior investment knowledge. 

For investors who want to capture the potential growth of a particular company, individual stocks offer the potential for larger returns. Investors who go this route must be able to stomach more risk and be confident in their ability to analyze individual stocks. 

Investing in mutual funds vs. stocks comes down to your investment goals and risk tolerance. The main difference between stocks and mutual funds is the number of eggs in your basket—and diversification is usually considered a solid investment strategy.

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